House of Note

Ed Volker, Owner (In Memoriam)

Ed owned and operated House of Note for 34 years. He and his late wife, Leslie, purchased it in 1983 from Leslie’s father, Ted Ptashne, who founded the shop in 1959. Ed passed away in 2017 surrounded by his family. He will be remembered as a humble man, who cared deeply, and loved the string community. His humbleness and sense of humor are captured in this bio that he wrote for the website, which staff chose to leave unedited to keep his memory alive.

Ed, you are missed.

~The Noters


“Ed Volker is the owner of House of Note violin shop. He has no particular talents or abilities that we are aware of. He has a long history but, no accomplishments or significant contributions come to mind. We all wonder how he got here in the first place. We all just hope and pray that he doesn’t irritate too many customers.”

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