House of Note

New Services

Krasimir Bakardjiev offers two new services to House of Note Customers.

Outside Sales Representative

Krasimir Bakardjiev is our “Outside Sales Representative”.  If you are interested in seeing and playing some instruments in your home, at your studio, or at school, just give Krasimir a call at 612-790-0617 or call the shop to set up an appointment.

School Presentation

Krasimir also offers a presentation available to all teachers.  “What Makes a Good Stringed Instrument?”

This presentation is designed to complement and enhance the string program at your school.

The presentation is light and informal, includes a question and answer session and can easily be completed during one class period. Information is presented in an age-appropriate format (middle vs. high school students) and includes:

  • A brief history of stringed instrument making.
  • The necessary steps involved in creating a good quality instrument.
  • Use of varnish vs. lacquer and their effects;
  • And instrument fittings.

We will bring various instruments including a “white” (unvarnished) violin and violins that have been “taken apart” to allow views of the inside of the instrument. We will also bring a “baroque” style instrument.

Students will learn important information on what characteristics to look for in an instrument. They will gain a greater understanding of the creation process and ultimately a greater appreciation for the instrument. This can be especially important when it is time to purchase. We believe our presentation will complement and add a new dimension to your student’s development.

Some of the teachers in the schools where we already had presentations wrote:

“I found his presentation to be very informative and he was very good with the kids, making changes as needed for the young middle schoolers. He did not use the demonstration to make a sales pitch but kept it strictly informative. I would recommend the presentation to any orchestra directors who would like their students to become better informed about their instrument”

Steve Dunn, Orchestra Director
Mankato West High School.

“Students have a chance to see and touch the instruments from inside out, and to learn about the inner workings and important features of their instruments. I’ve been using his lecture as a way to get my students to bow right over the center of the violin’s belly ever since ? now they know why it’s important”

Andrea Scheuzger, PhD
Orchestra Program Director
Hastings Public Schools.

There is no charge for these unique services.

To set a time for the presentation contact us at or call: (612) 790 0617 or Toll free: (877) 503 2181