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Knudson Electric Instruments

These electric violins offer a unique design and handmade quality at an affordable price.  Each violin is built by our shop foreman, Lyle Knudson, one at a time.  The body consists of a hollow basswood back capped with a beautiful flamed hand carved aged maple top.

Other features include:
Hand carved maple neck
Ebony pegs and fingerboard
Wittner Ultra Light Tailpiece with built in fine tuners
Barcus Berry Bridge Pickup
Multiple volume and tone control options
Useable with all conventional shoulder rests
Fits any full size violin case
Professionally set up by the maker himself
4 or 5 String models available
Can be customized
Any color of the spectrum available
Weighing under 1½  lbs

Knudson 5-String,  $1,900

Knudson 4-String,  $1,700