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Bows – Violin

MakerCountry of OriginWeightPrice
Nicolas Maline - Certificate - SalchowFrance61.1g30,000
Jean-Joseph Martin ca. 1875 - Certificate - Paul ChildsFrance60.0g28,000
Eugene Sartory, frog and button by Roger Zabinski
Certificate - Paul Childs
James Tubbs
Certificate- Paul Childs
Pierre Cuniot
Certificate-I. Salchow &
A. Gartzman
Roger Zabinski - Gold MountedUSA Minnesota 58.5g8,000
Husson MarietFrance63.8g8,000
Charles Bazin
Certificate- Alain Herou
E. Begin
Gold Mounted
Emmanuel Carlier France60.4g6,000
Monique Poullot
Gold Mounted
Roger ZabinskiUSA Minnesota61.8g5,800
Roger Zabinski
Certificate - R. Zabinski
USA Minnesota61.7g5,800
Eric GagneCanada Montreal60.8g5,500
Luca Slaviero
Certificate - L. Slaviero
Manoel Francisco
Gold Mounted
***Ernst Heinrich Roth*** Gold MountedGermany60.7g4,500
Catherine Baroin France60.3g4,200
Alfred KnollGermany60.8g4,000
Jesse BerndtUSA Minnesota59.7g4,000
B. BergGermany54.0g4,000
Conrad Gotz***Germany61.7g3,800
F. Zanoni
Gold Mounted
Gotthard SchusterGermany59.1g3,500
August Nurnberger-Suess Stamped "Voirin"Germany59.0g3,500
E HerrmannGermany 59.0g3,500

"Ranz Artist"European59.2g3,500
Albert NurnbergerGermany59.6g3,500
Manoel Francisco***Brazil60.3g3,200
Manoel Francisco***Brazil59.6g3,200
Manoel Francisco***Brazil59.0g3,200
M. FischerGermany60.0g3,200
*Albert Nurnberger*Germany64.6g3,000
K. Gerhart PenzelGermany59.6g3,000
K Penzel Germany 59.9g3,000
M. Pereira Gold MountedBrazil62.4g3,000
Sarah BystromUSA59.6g3,000
M. HornsteinerGermany59.9g2,800
Horst John Gold MountedBrazil60.0g2,800
Horst John Gold MountedBrazil59.7g2,800
T PampolinBrazil61.2g2,600
Manoel Francisco Brazil61.6g2,600
J. SilvaBrazil62.0g2,600
R. Dotschkail***Germany61.2g2,500
C. LedzinskiFrance60.5g2,500
Jacobus HornsteinerGermany62.6g2,500
Eugen RothGermany 59.3g2,500
Ernst Heinrich Roth *Germany57.0g2,500
A. Carlesso "Pecatte"Brasil59.6g2,400
A. Carlesso "Sartory"Brasil60.6g2,400
Agnes SaumagneFrance60.6g2,400
A. TintoriBrazil61.0g2,400
*Lothar Seifert* Germany60.6g2,200
A. E. Prager*Germany59.2g2,000
Adolf SchusterGermany59.5g2,000
"Imitation Tourte"Germany57.0g2,000
Unstamped Silver MountedGermany58.0g
Vlado TilevBulgaria62.0g1,800
*Pecatte* Germany60.2g1,800
Unstamped Horn FrogEuropean 58.4g1,800
**Conrad Gotz**Germany59.0g1,800
Vlado TilevBulgaria 61.4g1,800
Juliano OliveiraBrazil59.8g1,625
Jose G BottoniBrazil62.4g1,600
T. PampolinBrazil61.6g1,550
Marco Raposo - SilvioBrazil60.7g1,525
Thomas MartinGermany62.4g1,500
Conrad Gotz***Germany63.2g1,500
F. SchaefferBrazil62.2g1,500
Unstamped Picture BowGermany57.0g1,500
Wilhelm DurerGermany60.4g1,400
T. PampolinBrazil61.8g1,300
C. ChagasBrazil61.2g1,300
F. ZanoniBrazil61.2g1,300
Manoel FranciscoBrazil64.4g1,200
Jose G. BottoniBrazil60.6g1,200
Albert FisherGermany61.8g1,200
H.R. WilhelmGermany61.0g1,200
Manoel Francisco Brazil61.5g1,175
Marco RaposoBrazil61.7g1,150
T. PampolinBrazil62.5g1,100
Horst John*Brazil59.6g1,100
G. Natali Brazil62.0g1,050
C. HerculanoBrazil61.6g1,025
Lyon and HealyGermany59.7g1,000
Artino Atelier - Finkel WorkshopSwitzerland61.8g1,000
Alfred HerrmannGermany61.8g1,000
Unstamped Bow with Vuillaume FrogGermany55.0g1,000

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Additionally we carry a wide selection of bows for the beginner to the advanced player. These include bows from Arcos Brasil, Horst John, John Brasil, I Strings, L’Archet Brasil, Paesold, Erich Steiner, Eastman and others.

Carbon Fiber Violin Bows

  • Coda Diamond GX
  • Coda Diamond SX
  • Coda Diamond NX
  • Coda Prodigy
  • Coda Joule
  • Jon Paul Arpege
  • J. Tabary
  • Arcus