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Bows – Violin

MakerCountry of OriginWeightPrice
Jean-Joseph Martin ca. 1875 - Certificate - Paul ChildsFrance60.0g28,000
Eugene Sartory, frog and button by Roger Zabinski
Certificate - Paul Childs
James Tubbs
Certificate- Paul Childs
Bernard Ouchard ca. 1965 stamped "Vidoudez Geneve" w/ Ivory Frog cert. SalchowFrance62.2g14,000
Pierre Cuniot
Certificate-I. Salchow &
A. Gartzman
Roger Zabinski - Gold MountedUSA Minnesota 58.5g8,000
Husson MarietFrance63.8g8,000
Charles Bazin
Certificate- Alain Herou
Classical Era Bow Mirecourt ca 1850s of Wamara WoodFrance61.2g7,000
Douglas RaguseUSA Florida61.8g7,000
Emmanuel Carlier France60.4g6,000
Monique Poullot
Gold Mounted
Roger ZabinskiUSA Minnesota61.8g5,800
Roger Zabinski
Certificate - R. Zabinski
USA Minnesota61.7g5,800
Eric GagneCanada Montreal60.8g5,500
BA PolsonGermany59.8g5,000
R. Dotschkail*** GoldGermany62.5g5,000
Manoel Francisco
Gold Mounted
***Ernst Heinrich Roth*** Gold MountedGermany60.7g4,500
Catherine Baroin France60.3g4,200
Silver Mounted Bow Stamped "Tourte"France60.0g4,000
B. BergGermany54.0g4,000
F. Zanoni
Gold Mounted
Gotthard SchusterGermany59.1g3,500
August Nurnberger-Suess Stamped "Voirin"Germany59.0g3,500
E HerrmannGermany 59.0g3,500

"Ranz Artist"European59.2g3,500
Albert NurnbergerGermany59.6g3,500
Manoel Francisco***Brazil60.3g3,200
Manoel Francisco***Brazil59.6g3,200
M. FischerGermany60.0g3,200
*Albert Nurnberger*Germany64.6g3,000
K. Gerhart PenzelGermany59.6g3,000
K Penzel Germany 59.9g3,000
Sarah BystromUSA59.6g3,000
M. HornsteinerGermany59.9g2,800
Horst John Gold MountedBrazil59.7g2,800
T PampolinBrazil61.2g2,600
Manoel Francisco Brazil61.6g2,600
J. SilvaBrazil62.0g2,600
Finkel Workshop "Sartory Swiss" Switzerland59.3g2,500
R. Dotschkail***Germany61.2g2,500
Jacobus HornsteinerGermany62.6g2,500
Finkel Workshop "Sartory Swiss" Switzerland60.1g2,500
Eugen RothGermany 59.3g2,500
Finkel Workshop "Sartory Swiss"Switzerland59.5g2,500
Ernst Heinrich Roth *Germany57.0g2,500
A. Carlesso "Pecatte"Brasil59.6g2,400
Agnes SaumagneFrance60.6g2,400
A. TintoriBrazil61.0g2,400
*Lothar Seifert* Germany60.6g2,200
Adolf SchusterGermany59.5g2,000
"Imitation Tourte"Germany57.0g2,000
Unstamped Silver MountedGermany58.0g
Vlado TilevBulgaria62.0g1,800
*Pecatte* Germany60.2g1,800
Unstamped Horn FrogEuropean 58.4g1,800
Vlado TilevBulgaria 61.4g1,800
Manoel Francisco Brazil62.0g1,700
H CiriloBrazil62.5g1650
Manoel Francisco Brazil60.8g1,625
Jose G BottoniBrazil62.4g1,600
Ary FranceFrance62.0g1,600
T. PampolinBrazil61.6g1,550
Marco RaposoBrazil61.8g1,525
Marco RaposoBrazil60.5g1,525
Marco Raposo Brazil60.6g1,525
Marco Raposo - SilvioBrazil60.7g1,525
Thomas MartinGermany62.4g1,500
Conrad Gotz***Germany63.2g1,500
F. SchaefferBrazil62.2g1,500
Unstamped Picture BowGermany57.0g1,500
Wilhelm DurerGermany60.4g1,400
T. PampolinBrazil61.8g1,300
C. ChagasBrazil61.2g1,300
C ChagasBrazil59.0g1,300
F. ZanoniBrazil61.2g1,300
Artino Atelier - Finkel WorkshopSwitzerland59.3g1,250
Artino Atelier - Finkel WorkshopSwitzerland61.8g1,250
Manoel FranciscoBrazil64.4g1,200
Jose G. BottoniBrazil60.6g1,200
H.R. WilhelmGermany61.0g1,200
Manoel Francisco Brazil60.3g1,175
Manoel Francisco Brazil61.5g1,175
Marco RaposoBrazil61.7g1,150
Marco Raposo Brazil59.5g1,150
T. PampolinBrazil62.5g1,100
C. HerculanoBrazil61.6g1,025
**Sartory Artino**Germany61.4g1,000
Unstamped Bow with Vuillaume FrogGermany55.0g1,000

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Additionally we carry a wide selection of bows for the beginner to the advanced player. These include bows from Arcos Brasil, Horst John, John Brasil, I Strings, L’Archet Brasil, Paesold, Erich Steiner, Eastman and others.

Carbon Fiber Violin Bows

  • Coda Diamond GX
  • Coda Diamond SX
  • Coda Diamond NX
  • Coda Prodigy
  • Coda Joule
  • Jon Paul Arpege
  • J. Tabary
  • Arcus