House of Note

Bows – Viola

MakerCountry of OriginWeightPrice
Francois LotteFrance71.1g10,000
Roy QuadeUSA70.1g6,500
Jean-Luc TauziedeFrance70.4g6,000
Roger ZabinskiMinnesota USA69.5g5,800
Roger Zabinski Minnesota USA70.7g5,800
Garner WilsonEngland72.0g4,500
MitasPortland USA69.2g4,200
M.O. BeilkeMinnesota USA66.5g4,200
D. William HalseyUSA69.0g4,000
Steven ReileyUSA 68.24,000
R Dotschkail***Germany65.5g3,000
*Lothar Seifert*Germany68.0g3,000
M. PereiraBrazil71.0g2,800
Manoel Francisco**Brazil70.1g 2,600
*Albert Fischer*Germany70.0g2,400
Stamped "Bazin"Germany71.3g2,300
C. BaroinFrance69.2g2,000
Manoel Francisco Brazil69.8g1,650
Manoel FranciscoBrazil71.9g1,650
Artino Atelier - Finkel WorkshopSwitzerland67.91,350
Manoel FranciscoBrazil72.2g1,200
Marco RaposoBrazil 69.1g1,125

Please call for an appointment to try out instruments and bows

Additionally we carry a wide selection of bows for the beginner to the advanced player. These include bows from Arcos Brasil, I Strings, Horst John, L’Archet Brasil, Paesold, Steiner,  Eastman and others.

Carbon Fiber Viola Bows

  • Coda Diamond GX
  • Coda Diamond SX
  • Coda Diamond NX
  • Coda Joule
  • Coda Prodigy Spiccato
  • Arpege
  • J. Tabary