House of Note

Bows – Cello

MakerCountry of OriginWeightPrice
Jean-Luc TauziedeFrance80.2g7,000
Jean-Luc TauziedeFrance81.0g6,500
Jacques PoullotFrance82.0g6,000
Pascal CamuratFrance83.2g5,500
Paolo Pamiro
Certificate- Paolo Pamiro
M. Pereira
Gold Mounted
V. Schaeffer
Gold Mounted
*Egidius Dorfler***Germany83.2g2,800
A. CarlessoBrazil81.6g2,800
A. CarlessoBrazil81.5g2,800
J.P. Gabriel**Germany79.3g2,000
Otto Durrschmidt Germany 84.4g1,800
Vlado TilevBulgaria83.0g1,700
Roderich PaesoldFrance80.4g1,600
Lothar SeifertGermany81.0g1,600
Marco RaposoBrazil81.7g1,500
Marco RaposoBrazil81.8g1,500
Raymundo AlmeidaBrazil81.2g1,400
Marco RaposoBrazil80.8g1,400
Manoel Francisco Brazil81.4g1,225
Marco RaposoBrazil82.3g1,050
Marco RaposoBrazil81.5g1,050
Marco RaposoBrazil80.5g1,050
Manoel FranciscoBrazil82.4g1,025
Manoel Francisco Brazil80.0g1,025
Rudolf NeudorferGermany73.8g1,000

Please call for an appointment to try out instruments and bow

Additionally we carry a wide selection of bows for the beginner to the advanced player. These include bows from Arcos Brasil, Horst John, I Strings, L’Archet Brasil, Paesold, Steiner,  Eastman and others.

Carbon Fiber Cello Bows

  • Coda Diamond GX
  • Coda Diamond SX
  • Coda Diamond NX
  • Coda Prodigy
  • Spiccato Solo
  • Spiccato Arpege
  • J. Tabary
  • Cadenza Master